Real Estate Taxes

The Code of Virginia provides the basis for the assessment and collection of real estate taxes in Warren County. These taxes are based on the fair market value that is established by the governing body each year. The last reassessment was effective as of January 1, 2023.

Tax Cycle

Real Estate taxes are due annually with two equal halves due on June 5th and December 5th. 

All property owners receive a copy of their tax bill whether it be for payment or record-keeping purposes.  If your mortgage company holds an escrow account, you will receive a copy for record-keeping purposes.  Warren County does not keep records of mortgage holder information, so any questions concerning your escrow account should be directed to your mortgage company.

Please contact the Real Estate Office for any changes in property ownership or billing address at 540-635-2651.

The real estate rate is set by the Board of Supervisors during their budget meeting in the Spring.  In addition, the County levies a supplemental real estate tax on newly constructed improvements completed after the start of the year.

For payment questions or options, please contact the Treasurer's Office.