Quality of Life

Our County's Vision

Warren County will be a thriving community that retains its safe, scenic, friendly and inviting character with leadership that puts community first and works cooperatively to:

  • Preserve the quality of our clean water, air, natural resources and scenic landscape
  • Grow gradually at a rate that supports the local economy but does not place stress on County services or natural resources. This has historically meant a 2% to 3% annual growth rate.
  • Maintain our small-town character and rural lifestyle while providing quality amenities for shopping, recreation and entertainment
  • Enhance opportunities for quality wage jobs that allow residents to live, work and raise families in the County
  • Support an excellent school environment that retains quality teachers and graduates the next generation of leaders
  • Provide a variety of housing choices to allow our citizens and workforce to live prosperously and age with dignity within their community
  • Deliver quality services such as fire, safety, and law enforcement, and provide safe and modern roads and other infrastructure within a framework of balanced taxes and sound fiscal management
  • Make Warren County a place of choice in Virginia, where people choose to live, prosper, raise families, grow businesses and stay a lifetime


Body of WaterThe State of Virginia has a moderate year-round climate, characterized by short, mild winters, long spring and fall seasons, and warm summers. The moderate climate is a result of the State's location between the Deep South and the northern states, and between the mountains on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

Warren County's climate is characterized by mild winters and warm, humid summers. Winter daytime temperatures are usually in the 40s, with nighttime lows in the 20s. During the summer, daytime highs are usually in the 80s with nighttime lows around 60 degrees.

The average annual precipitation in Warren County is 40 inches and snowfall averages 21 inches annually. The mean date of the last spring freeze is April 26 and the mean date of the first fall freeze is October 13, making the average growing season around 170 days. Prevailing winds are from the south-southwest direction at an average velocity of 10 mph.