How to Handle Bears

BearHave a friendly neighborhood bear problem? We know part of the benefit of living in an environment so close to a nature reserve such as the Shenandoah National Park is the beautiful wildlife, but for both your safety and your furry neighbors, Be Bear Aware!

Don't feed the bears!

By taking away food sources like trash cans left out or unsecured, bird feeders or even your pets food, you minimize the appeal for a bear to near your home. Feeding of bears is a violation of law, see Code of Virginia sections 4VAC15-40-286 and 4VAC5-30-422.

Please take a moment to review the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (formerly known as Virginia Game Warden or Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries - DGIF) policies and information. You'll find facts and informational tips on how to deter bears near your home, how to bear-proof your trash containers and the plans and policies for bear management.