Lions Park

Discover Lions Park: A Central Jewel in Warren County

Where Family, Fun, and Nature Meet

Boasting a prime central location, Lions Park stands proud as one of Warren County's most cherished outdoor spaces. Whether you're planning a family picnic, a playdate for the kids, or a casual day outdoors, Lions Park offers something for everyone.

Centrally Located and Easily Accessible Lions Park spans a generous 3 acres and is conveniently situated at the crossroads of Warren Avenue and Commerce Avenue in the vibrant Town of Front Royal. Its prime location makes it a neighbor to several notable landmarks:

  • Gertrude Miller Park
  • Happy Creek's serene waters
  • Raymond E Santmyers Youth Center
  • Dr. Seide Memorial Botanical Gardens

Features to Explore and Enjoy The park is home to the renowned Fantasyland Playground and the inclusive Free Wheeling Way Accessible Playground, ensuring fun for children of all abilities. Additional amenities include:

  • A spacious picnic shelter (Number 5) perfect for gatherings
  • Modern restroom facilities
  • Competitive horseshoe pits
  • A lively sand volleyball court

Overivew of Lions Park PlaygroundsIts impressive shelter and restroom facility stand as a testament to the 1970s generosity of the Front Royal Lions Club, whose donations brought these features to life.

Plan Your Visit or Event Experience the joy of Lions Park firsthand. For more details or to reserve the picnic shelter for your next event, reach out to the Parks and Recreation Department at 540-635-1021.

Lions Park: A Legacy of Community and Recreation.

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Fantasyland: A Timeless Playground in Warren County

An Ode to Childhood Dreams and Adventure

USA NASA PlaygroundSituated in the heart of Warren County, Fantasyland beckons children of all ages with its enchanting play structures. This park serves as a testament to the power of community collaboration and the shared vision of creating a space where young minds can roam free.

Unique Features and Endless Fun Fantasyland stands out with its expansive wooden play structure, meticulously designed to cater to children's imaginative playscapes. Key highlights of the park include:

  • Two well-maintained swing sets, allowing kids to feel the thrill of soaring.
  • Slide in PlaygroundFive diverse slides, each offering a different level of excitement.
  • An array of tunnels that beckon explorers and adventurers.
  • Various climbing areas that challenge and entertain.

A Community Legacy from 1993 Constructed in 1993, Fantasyland remains a shining example of community support and involvement. The park stands as a testament to the collective efforts of local residents who envisioned a haven for children to play, learn, and grow.

Monkey Bars in PlaygroundVisiting Details Embrace the charm and magic of Fantasyland. The park welcomes visitors daily, maintaining its hours from dusk to dawn.

Fantasyland: Where Imagination Meets Reality.