Business Equipment


In Warren County, all business owners or persons who own business equipment, including furniture and fixtures, are required to file an annual Personal Property Form 762-B. This form must be submitted to the Commissioner of the Revenue by February 15th each year.

Assessment Method

The assessment for business personal property taxes is based on a percentage of the original cost of the equipment, furniture, and fixtures. This percentage can range from 70% to 10%.

Proration & Location

Unlike some personal property items, business personal property taxes are not prorated. If your business property is parked, garaged, or located in Warren County on January 1st of the current tax year, then it is considered a taxable item for that entire year.

It's important for businesses to comply with these requirements to avoid any penalties or issues with their tax assessments. Always consult with a tax professional or the Commissioner of the Revenue's office if you have any questions about your business property tax obligations.