E-911 Numbering

Establishing an Enhanced Emergency Response System

Warren County implemented an enhanced 911 system to improve emergency services by assigning physical addresses to every home and business. New addresses were issued in October 1994, with updated medical history requests for emergency awareness. Old addresses were phased out by January 31, 1996. The system standardized street addresses countywide, except for structures within Front Royal, where existing addresses remained. For new structures in Front Royal, contact the Zoning Department at (540) 635-4236.

Address Numbering for New Structures

Address numbers in Warren County are determined by a mile-marker system along all roads. They're assigned at a structure's driveway intersection with the road or at the structure's center if close enough. The Warren County GIS Coordinator conducts site inspections for new structures, with addresses assigned during the building permit process. Notices are sent about two weeks after footer inspections to the building applicant. Before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, the address must be prominently displayed per county ordinance. Property owners or occupants are responsible for notifying relevant parties of the new address.

Making the Enhanced 911 System Work

The County enacted an ordinance mandating correct display of house numbers. It requires residences to prominently display address numbers, at least three inches tall and made of durable material. Numbers must be near the main entrance, visible from the street, or placed nearby if the entrance isn't visible. Shared driveways must have signs for each house, and numbers must contrast with their background.

Commercial & Industrial Structures

All commercial and industrial structures should display street address numbers of not less than four inches in height. When possible, the number should be displayed over the main entrance to the structure. There should be no other wording or numbers within one foot of the building number.

Apartments, Town Houses, Shopping Centers

For apartments, townhouses, shopping centers, or similar groupings with one assigned number, it should be displayed at the main entrance with a minimum height of ten inches. Individual units or establishments within the complex should display their numbers near their main doorway.

Failure to comply constitutes a violation punishable under Warren County Code. Cooperation is crucial for effective emergency services.

To obtain or verify addresses, contact the Warren County Planning Department at (540) 636-3354 with the building permit number.