If I do not have access to a computer, how can I file for my business license?
  • Contact the Commissioner of Revenue's Office at 540-635-2651 and request that hard copies of the filing forms be mailed to you.

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1. How does a merchant become a registered bidder and/or vendor?
2. Vendor Registration
3. How are merchants notified of purchasing opportunities?
4. Where can I find out information about the business license process?
5. What information is required to obtain a business license?
6. What is a fictitious name?
7. What is the State Corporation Commission?
8. How can I file business license information?
9. How long does it take to get a business license?
10. How much does a business license cost?
11. How do I renew my local business license?
12. Do I need to renew my license if the business made less than $4,000 in the prior year or anticipates making less than $4,000 in the upcoming year?
13. How soon after the first of the year may I file my business license renewal?
14. If I do not have access to a computer, how can I file for my business license?
15. In reviewing the information I supplied to your office, I realized that I filed incorrectly or I need to change the physical or mailing address. How do I make necessary changes?
16. If my business involves meals/beverages or lodging/room rental, are there any additional filing or tax requirements?
17. What other types of business taxes are there?
18. What is tangible personal property?
19. How often must I file a list of my business tangible personal property?
20. What is the personal property tax rate for business equipment?
21. Is there a late filing penalty for failure to file a return by the prescribed deadline?
22. Why do contractors need to supply a list of their subcontractors for jobs?
23. Do I need to report any changes to my business?
24. What do I need to do to close my Business?
25. Do I still need a vehicle decal for my windshield?
26. Where do I pay my personal property or real estate taxes?
27. How are expenditures funded?
28. What is included in the county's budget?
29. Does the Board of Supervisors approve expenditures for the county schools?
30. Does the County have an Appeals Procedure for public procurement actions?
31. How does the County evaluate proposals, or Request for Proposals (RFP)?
32. How does the County evaluate sealed bids?
33. What are the competition levels for various purchases?
34. What is an RFQ and how is it different form other solicitations?